New Home Security Network Services

An invasion of a family living space is one of the worst fears that many people carry. It is bad enough when it occurs while the family is away. When it occurs while the family is present, it is even worse. There have been dozens of murderous feasts of violence enacted upon innocent families by intruders. For this reason, many people have installed home security network services.

There is a degree of controversy regarding these systems being installed in homes. Many people are concerned that it can be used to perform surveillance on the occupants, and they are not comfortable having the system installed. The facts are that many items which modern people keep on their persons at all times, such as cell phones or I-pods, can already be used in that way.

The fact is, there are many benefits to having one of these systems. Not only can it protect the family from an intruder, but it can detect smoke or carbon monoxide. In addition, cameras can be set up around the property to watch out for small children, or to make certain teenagers are doing their homework.

When the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, help is sent immediately. This takes place even before they have called the house to make certain the family is all right. Some systems can even have doors unlocked automatically so that further damage is not done to the house when emergency personnel need to get to the people inside.

Cameras set up around the home can allow the parents to watch the baby in real time. A popular feature is to set up a camera outside the front door so that the people inside can see who is knocking on the door. In addition, these video feeds can be accessed later when an emergency does happen so that any perpetrators can be caught more quickly.

These systems can result in considering savings of money as well. There are settings for each room to control the temperature, not to mention the presence of a remote control to turn off lights and other electrical items. This can save a household considerably on their power costs. Having such a system can also result in a considerable reduction in their insurance rates on the home.

Not only are these functions being controlled remotely, but many of them allow the homeowner to control these functions from their I-phone, from anywhere. This is a great feature both for parents, or a family on vacation. They can keep tabs on the activities around the house from any location. Teens who know they are being watched by a parent are less likely to engage in certain behaviors.

Even with the controversy over the new home security network services being used for spying or surveillance, the benefits of such a system cannot be ignored. There truly is no way to put a price tag on the safety and well-being of a family. These systems are not installed so much to protect property, but to protect the lives of your love ones.

Marketing Security – Networking With Other Security Companies

Quite a few marketing-savvy security companies have networking arrangements with organizations in other industries. Realtors, insurance agents, locksmiths, home builders, commercial developers and many others can be great sources of referral business when properly set up and managed. But there’s another excellent source of new business that most independent security companies overlook, and that’s other security companies.

When I first suggest this to clients, they’re often surprised. “You’ve got to be kidding,” they say. “Why would I work with other security companies?” The answer is simple. Because they can send you high-quality business that closes about 100% of the time and costs you nothing. And even though they sell the same products and services, they don’t compete with you. Why? Because they’re in different market areas.

Mobile Population Creates Opportunities

Sixteen percent of the U.S. population moves every year. That’s about 40 million people annually. No doubt many of your own customers are part of this annual migration, while many potential new customers move in.

Many of these new arrivals had a home security system in their prior residence and will want one in their new home. Instead of cracking open the Yellow Pages, wouldn’t they rather have their security company take care of this for them? Wouldn’t they prefer to have one less thing to worry about and let their current company handle the security transfer details for them? Wouldn’t you like to be on the receiving end of that referral pipeline?

When setting up your network, think about where new arrivals to your market area come from. For instance, here in the Sacramento region we get most of our “transplants” from the San Francisco Bay area and Southern California. So a company operating here would want to first set up arrangements with companies in those areas.

Other Security Sales Advantages

This type of arrangement also gives you a day-to-day sales advantage. For instance, people who are transferred regularly will like the fact you can take care of their security needs no matter where they move. It also means you can compete for the commercial business of companies with nationwide offices, even if your own company only operates regionally. (By the way, have you looked at working directly with relocation companies, corporate recruiters or companies that have a lot of employee transfers?)

And in this increasingly global economy, who says you have to limit your alliances solely to domestic security companies? Ready to go international?

Burglar Alarm Security Systems and Home Security Networks

It is safe to say that a majority of homeowners want their property to be safe when they are in and out of the house. Having burglar alarm systems in place is one of the smartest ways to eliminate any and all risks of a home invasion. In the event that an intruder enters your home, you will have an immediate alert so that you can take appropriate action before it is too late. Security systems have become much more advanced than in recent years and no home should be without one.

Reasons to Have Burglar Alarm Systems

With the struggling economy becoming steadily worst for a majority of individuals, it has never been more important to keep you home and valuable property safe from burglars. Here are some important reasons to have burglar alarm systems in your home.

• Constant Surveillance – There are many efficient and reliable burglar alarm systems available to choose from. The ultimate reason for implementing this form of security is to have constant surveillance of your property while you are home, outside, or even sleeping during the night. Home invasions can happen at any time so the only way to guarantee complete safety is to have a watchful eye at all times.

• Drastically Cut Insurance Costs – Some homeowners may wonder why their insurance policy to protect their home is so expensive. One simple way to drastically cut these costs is to install burglar alarm systems because this will give your insurance company comfort in knowing that there is minimal risk to your home. Security for your home is completely affordable these days and can be an invaluable tool to reduce your insurance premium.

• View Footage Anytime – Many home alarm systems offer features for viewing footage at a later time. Be sure to find a service that has a backup of this valuable recording. In the event that you need to back track a loss that was discovered long after the incident, you may need to review footage from a previous time. For live alerts and notifications about intrusions to your home, consider wireless services as well.

How to Choose the Right One from the Home Security Shop

Anytime you are browsing for burglar alarm systems at any home security shop, be sure that you are choosing the product and package that caters to your specific needs. There are many choices to choose from including motion sensor technology, and wireless alert services. If you are a frequent traveler, it is important to have live notifications in the event that an intruder enters your home while you are away for a long period of time. If you are not alerted immediately, you could be returning to a completely empty house.

Knowing that your home is completely safe and sound is important to reducing anxiety and stress. Before you make an impulsive buy, be sure to check with a reliable home security shop so you can find a better deal without compromising performance. With quality burglar alarm systems, you can have the ultimate comfort and focus to do the countless other important things.